Alice in Soucheray-land

Legal experts say Coleman faces an uphill battle, according to MPR. Coleman lawyer Fritz Knaak says they intend to put local officials under oath and question them about what happened in local polling places in a process that he predicts will take at least two months. Coleman loyalists Joe Soucheray and the Wall Street Journal editorial page, also republished in the PiPress continue beating the drums with attacks on the recount and on Minnesota elections.

As MnIndy reports/repeats, the January 5 WSJ editorial is one “that nearly everyone but Rush Limbaugh has laughed off for its woolly inaccuracies and hidebound misrepresentations.”

Sooch faults SoS Ritchie and anyone else who was “encouraging more voting and making it sound virtuous and noble to do so.” He wants voting left to “the legitimate lot of us who vote correctly and responsibly” — and Republican-ly?

Sooch charges that Ritchie’s “eagle-eyed glare” intimidated two Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices into committing recount fraud as they joined in the unanimous rulings of the State Canvassing Board. Joe’s fans may include a girl named Alice, who proudly proclaimed “I can believe in three impossible things before breakfast.”

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