An Immodest Proposal

Rep. Tom Hackbarth (R-Cedar) proposed a new twist on the old link between professional sports and gambling this week. He wants to build a metro-area casino and use the income from the casino to build a new stadium for the Vikings. What a charming idea! We could encourage gambling in a time of general recession and job loss, siphon off the revenues of Indian-owned casinos, and stuff the pockets of Zygi Wilf and company, all at the same time.

Vikes spokesman Lester Bagley said they are not advocating gaming, but “if that’s what the state leaders want to use, then let’s sit down. At least someone is thinking creatively.”

My husband suggested an even more creative idea, and one perhaps more in keeping with the manly sport of football. Why not establish the first legal brothel in Minnesota, and use the proceeds to support the Vikings?

I think this is an idea with legs. And while the combination of professional football and prostitution has a certain synergy, let’s not stop there. Indeed, the revenues from a Vi-Queens brothel might be enough to keep all of our sports teams in new stadiums.

With the state budget deficit, we need to think outside the box. Perhaps an on-campus apprenticeship program could erase the U of M deficit and bring new stability to the funding of higher education. Let’s get those creative juices flowing.


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2 responses to “An Immodest Proposal

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  2. Bente d'Espinosa

    A brothel within easy walking distance of a Vikings stadium would spur ancillary development. The facility might have space for an upscale restaurant and a convenience store with pharmaceuticals. An architecturally significant structure that is user-friendly would also clean up the surrounding streets, allowing tailgaters easy access to their recreations. Tax revenues, now unavailable to the state because the service is provided in the informal sector, would increase substantially, unless the governor disallowed this as a “new” tax.


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