When is an ICE raid not an immigration raid?

Yesterday at Plaza Lake, according to Alberto Monserrate’s post at PrensaLibreSur, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided businesses suspected of piracy:

There was an anti-piracy law enforcement operation this afternoon in Minneapolis by federal customs agents. We sent La Prensa de Minnesota reporters to the scene at a mall on Lake Street and fourth Avenue in South Minneapolis after getting flooded with calls at our LCN media offices from people worried that there was an immigration raid going on.

We later confirmed that there was no immigration raid. This customs (part of ICE) law enforcement operation was looking for pirated products apparently being sold at businesses located at the Lake Street mall. This operation was part of a larger investigation and there probably be more law enforcement operations of this type, before it’s over.

That’s the Customs function of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But ICE agents did make immigration-related arrests, reports Monserrate:

We got confirmation from a spokesman for ICE that this was a customs anti-piracy operation and that they had no immigration related purpose for the operation. We also got confirmation that 6 women and 4 men, that were working at the businesses where pirated products were allegedly being sold, were detained. No confirmation on whether they were employees or business owners. The people detained apparently are suspected of be undocumented, and may face immigration procedures.

Monserrate is the publisher of the Latino Communications Network, which includes La Prensa newspaper, Vida y Sabor, and La Invasora radio station.

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