Good news on jobs front for Minnesota

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The state’s monthly unemployment report was released December 17, showing another slight decline in unemployment. Here are some of the most important numbers:

• The unemployment rate fell from 7.6 percent in October to 7.4 percent in November. A slight decline, but it’s still movement in the right direction – and still a lot better than the national 10 percent-plus.
• Overall, the state added 2,000 jobs in November, and October’s job gains were revised upward to 5,000. That still leaves the state with 83,900 fewer jobs than in November 2008.
• The average work week in Minnesota went  from 32.2 hours in September, to 32.6 in October and 33.1 in November.

MPR quoted state economist Tom Stinson:

“The way we get out of this, the way we get to the point where we’re adding significant amount of jobs each month is the first thing that has to happen is that employers make fuller use of their existing workforce. Getting more hours worked that’s always good news, that’s a good sign that we’re started on the path up,” Stinson said.

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