The feds are coming!

The FBI is bringing a gang task force to town, moving in as the investigation of corruption, mismanagement and abuses by the now-disbanded Metro Gang Strike Force continues. The FBI will operate under a whole different set of rules — or maybe the main difference is that it promises to play by the rules. AP reports:

“The Gang Strike Force was more of the ‘Let’s go out and saturate a neighborhood and see who we can stop.’ We just don’t operate that way with any investigation,” said Ralph Boelter, the special agent in charge of the FBI office in Minneapolis. “We’re very calculated, very methodical, very thoughtful in what we do.”

The feds will investigate gangs as organized crime, using tools such as anti-racketeering statutes. Minneapolis and St. Paul police and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are expected to participate in the task force.

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