Immigration notes, 7/20/2010

Just a few links to recent articles of interest:

NYT: Troops to Go to Mexican Border Aug. 1 In May, President Obama pledged the deployment of 1,200 troops. More than 500 of the soldiers will go to Arizona, and the rest will go to New Mexico, Texas and California. [Also 300 more Border Patrol officers]

Who’s lobbying on immigration and who are they giving money to? Open Secrets has a little list – actually, quite a long list – here.

NYT: Illegal workers swept from jobs in “silent” raids “While the sweeps of the past commonly led to the deportation of such workers, the “silent raids,” as employers call the audits, usually result in the workers being fired, but in many cases they are not deported.”

What do Neo-Nazis, Arizona politicians and border patrolling have in common? Gabriela Garcia explains at

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