Red worms and traffic

I got a phone message at the TC Daily Planet yesterday from someone who wanted a local source where she could buy red worms. She said she  read about red worm composting and TCDP was the only phone number on the page. Probably — we published the article, and we don’t always have phone numbers in stories.

I didn’t want to go find the article and track down a local red worm outlet, so I threw up a quick question on my personal Facebook account. Wow! Within minutes, I had multiple responses from the author of the TCDP article about places to go, and more responses from other friends who also knew where to get red worms or offered to share their own.

I think this Facebook post got more responses, more quickly, than anything else I’ve ever posted. (Yes, the caller got her worms.)

Maybe I’m missing something. I should write about worms more often.

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