Sports and politics

Every time there’s a local sports event (the Vikings, the Twins, the Timberwolves, the Gophers …), my Twitter feed is overrun with play-by-play commentary from news guys.

At BSM v. SLP.  Jacks little brother Max skates in his jersey and drops the first puck #jabs #mnhspuck

Has there ever been medical research into why players for the #twolves have no ability to be ashamed of themselves?

Every time there’s a GOP debate (or caucus or primary), not only my Twitter feed, but also the pages of otherwise reputable newspapers, are overrun with play-by-play commentary:

Trend Chart: Mitt on a glide path to victory in NH — opponents as falling as primary nears via @TPM

RT @jess_mc: 1. Santorum’s “spendometer” in a real thing. 2. It kind of looks like, well..

VP material MT @badler: Perry: “Iran will move back in [to Iraq] at literally the speed of light.”

Did Mitt blow off Newt’s handshake? #nhdebate #firstworldproblem

The sports chatter is annoying, but only because I don’t share the passionate devotion to this form of entertainment. The political chatter is more alarming. Where is the serious discussion of issues? That, of course, was a rhetorical question. Political reporting is about the horse race, the color of someone’s tie, and the gotcha moment.

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