Damn hackers

Yes — my Twitter account got hacked today. I responded to a direct message from a name I knew, and tried to sign in to my Twitter account. Big mistake — next thing I knew, I started hearing from Twitter followers that they had gotten the same weird message rom me.

If I had been on guard, it wouldn’t have happened. I was rushing through my emails before leaving for a rally. (I’m glad that I don’t sign in to multiple services via Facebook. Then my Facebook account could also have been hacked.)

Lessons learned:

1) NEVER click on a lin in a direct message.

2) Never sign in on Twitter or any other account unless I go directly to my account page — not if I get a request to sign in after clicking on a link.

3) Different passwords for all accounts — I already knew that, so I didn’t have a lot of changes to make.

4) Getting hacked is not the end of the world. It’s just one more annoying thing to deal with in cyberspace.



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