I spy, you spy, FinSpy

Back in the eighties, when we traveled back and forth to Central America and protested the various U.S. involvements in wars there, we heard noises outside the house. Small noises in the night. And clicking noises on phones.

No more!

FinSpy has made all that nonsense obsolete.

Now, not only our government, but many others can spy without any skulking and sneaking around. Thanks to technology, there’s a newer, cleaner way to spy on dissidents around the world. The New York Times reports:

The software proved to be the stuff of a spy film: it can grab images of computer screens, record Skype chats, turn on cameras and microphones and log keystrokes. The two men said they discovered mobile versions of the spyware customized for all major mobile phones.

Two computer scientists turned detective to track down the use of the spy software against political dissidents. A spokesperson from Gamma Group, which makes the spyware, claimed it “sold FinSpy to governments only to monitor criminals and that it was most frequently used ‘against pedophiles, terrorists, organized crime, kidnapping and human trafficking.’”

According to the NYT, the software was tracked to 15 countries, including such prominent defenders of human rights as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Mongolia and Turkmenistan.

Ain’t technology wonderful?

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