Debate #2: Obama wins this one

I remember the very first televised debate, which makes me older than dirt. For years, I followed presidential politics, and debates, closely, but I haven’t watched a presidential debate in decades. So why tonight?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just time for masochism.

I don’t agree with everything Obama said. I certainly don’t agree with everything he does. But at least he can stick closer to the truth.

Yes — we have more oil drilling, natural gas drilling, coal mining than when he started. I don’t like that. But it’s true.

Romney says we should have more offshore drilling, more oil in the pipeline from Canada, more coal mining, more, more, more. Does “drill, baby, drill” still sell anywhere?

Obama told Romney repeatedly, “That’s not true.”

Hope the fact checkers do as well, because Romney said all kinds of things that just are not true.




If Romney won the first debate, Obama definitely won this one.


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