2012 issues: Coming together on November 7

We have suffered through years of this presidential campaign. The country is divided. Families are divided. Every day’s news (and Facebook posts) bring a river of vitriol as wide as the Mississippi. Why? That’s the dirty little secret of this prolonged, bitter, nasty campaign.

On November 7, almost half the country is going to lose. They will be bitterly disappointed in the outcome. Even the victors will feel battered, as many in both camps believe that their candidate has betrayed his own party, legacy and principles. Will there be fighting in the streets? Will Democrats flee in fear from Eagan, and Republicans move out of St. Paul before they are attacked?

Won’t happen — because we will all be so relieved that the campaign and election are over that we will just head back to our daily lives. And that might be the most useful purpose of this expensive, prolonged exercise in lies and hatemongering.

Our political campaigns, and especially the presidential campaign, are like beating your head against the wall: it feels so good to stop. When we wake up on November 7, our shared relief  that the campaign is finally over will be even bigger than the pain of defeat or the joy of victory.

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