Why he’s not going to see Obama

Alberto Monserrate has it right: 

I love our President like everyone else. I campaigned and voted for him twice. I think he’s a good decent man, who has a good track record of accomplishments as President. Thank god he won in the past two elections! The alternatives would’ve set our nation in the wrong direction.

But excuse me for not being excited about or wanting to go see him in his current visit to Minneapolis. I did not vote for him so he would become the Deporter In Chief. Our immigration system is completely broken. Republicans have frozen immigration reform when over 70% of Americans and a majority in the US House support the bipartisan immigration reform bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the US Senate. Yet House Republican leadership fails to act with a cynical lie that argues they can’t trust the President that has deported the most immigrants in recent American history to enforce immigration reform laws.

So no, you won’t see me today or tomorrow going to see the President, or taking my picture with him. I will wait for him to act. Dear President: Republicans will not act on reform while you’re president. They hate you more that they love winning the Presidency in 2016. So Act now. Dramatically reduce deportations through executive order. Act now! If you do, I’ll be the first one in line the next time you visit the Twin Cities wanting to try to snap a Selfie with you. Until them, I’m not feeling it. Time to Act NOW!

Immigration reform has been opposed, sabotaged and killed by Republicans every single year, for more than ten years. No sane person — and no politician either — can believe the anti-immigration bloc has any intention of changing.

The only way to bring any relief to millions of immigrant Americans is through executive action. Executive action means defining enforcement priorities as narrowly as possible to protect both immigrants and U.S. national interest, which includes keeping productive residents working and contributing to the national economy, to their families, and to their communities.


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