More on Glendale in Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.55.54 AM.pngThe Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder asked me to report on the situation in Glendale Townhomes, the oldest public housing in Minnesota. That article — Mpls Public Housing residents fight redevelopment plan — is now published. In it, I present facts and opinions of the people directly involved in the process. I also have blogged extensively about the current dispute between Glendale residents and the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, and have been generally critical of the redevelopment option that MPHA initially proposed almost a year ago. You can find the blog posts here. 

Housing — especially affordable housing and the even more limited subsets of publicly owned housing (like Glendale) and publicly subsidized housing (Section 8 vouchers) — is a hugely important topic. Rental housing is in short supply. Affordable housing is even harder to find. And there are other issues, such as conversion of affordable rental units to high-end rentals and failure to deal with homelessness, even when we know the solutions that work.

If you’re interested in following housing news, I’ll have more posts in the next few weeks. If you’re interested in all-around reporting on the African American community in Minnesota, subscribe to the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder or follow MSR on Facebook. With 81 years of reporting, MSR is the oldest black-owned business in the state of Minnesota.

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