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Minnesota’s children deserve better


“Jessica is a young mom, who lived in foster care most of her teen years. She has two young children, both in diapers and is separated from the father of her children because of his drug and alcohol use. He recently went through treatment. Jessica was on maternity leave when she separated from him, and lost her job when she found herself the sole caregiver for the two young children.”

For now, Jessica relies on MFIP and SNAP — more commonly known as welfare and food stamps. Each month, she and her children get $532 in MFIP benefits and $473 in SNAP benefits, which can be used only for food. Continue reading


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NEWS DAY | Let them eat cake – cutting food stamps / Minnesota Somalis in the news

People can’t afford to eat, so Congress is set to vote Tuesday to balance the budget by cutting food stamps. They plan to cut an average of $15 from the average $124 per person food stamp benefit that 40.8 million Americans use to buy bread and milk.  (Food stamps are now called SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.) Continue reading

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