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The Pawlenty Court

Last week, Governor Tim Pawlenty appointed two die-hard conservative allies to positions on the Minnesota Supreme Court. And there’s nothing that anyone can do about it. Continue reading


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T-Paw vs. teachers

Education Minnesota, the teachers’ union, said it can’t support Governor Tim Pawlenty’s proposal for $200 million in federal “Race to the Top” stimulus money for schools. Continue reading

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Stopping by New Hampshire On A Snowy Evening

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With apologies to Robert Frost, local bloggers Sally Jo Soroensen and Robin Marty have adapted his poem to talk about T-Paw’s travels. Continue reading

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NEWS DAY | T-Paw’s values / Bachmann’s values / Vang Pao charges dropped

Picture 4T-Paw’s values T-Paw topped Minnesota’s weekend news, appearing at the (Christian) Values Voter Summit. (The exclusion of Jews and Muslims from the “Values” coalition was underlined by scheduling, with the conference held on the final weekend of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days.) The Minnesota Independent has the full text of Pawlenty’s speech to the summit, where he either tied for second or placed third in the presidential straw poll. Continue reading

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