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Words matter


Tish Jones, courtesy photo

As long as she can remember, Tish Jones has loved words, loved writing and loved being on a stage. A self-identified student of hip-hop culture, she traces her passion for words to African diasporic cultural practices, including the griot, hip-hop, jazz, funk, bebop and blues. Now she’s a poet, spoken word artist, and the executive director of TruArtSpeaks – an organization she founded to cultivate spaces for youth and community, especially through hip-hop and spoken word. Continue reading

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Politicians vs. Poetry: No contest

more poetry is needed

Photo by c.art, published under Creative Commons license.

This morning’s coffee with friends focused on the convention. The hate and the speeches and the hate and the plagiarism and the hate and the stupidity and the hate and the platform and … all the reasons that I am avoiding television and news this week. So today I’m focusing on poetry. Writing some. And re-reading some. Mostly from Minnesota poets, like Joyce Sutphen, whose words caught in my heart the first time I read “In Winter:” Continue reading

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Singing songs of hope: Gwendolyn Brooks, Nikki Giovanni, Ronnie Gilbert

The Daily Kos’s eloquent essay, In Praise of Poets: Gwendolyn Brooks and Nikki Giovanni, and news of Ronnie Gilbert’s death came together today, reminding me of the power and importance of poetry in my life, in our lives.  Continue reading

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