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Sky blue or scummy: The choice is ours and the time is now

wild and scenic Crow River

If we really love Minnesota’s sky-blue lakes, if we really care about swimming and canoeing and fishing, we need to do a lot more to protect those waters. And we need to act quickly. Toxic algae blooms, fertilizer run-off, garbage, and mining sediment and run-off threaten Minnesota lakes and rivers and wetlands. Threaten? That’s actually an understatement. “Threaten” sounds like the damage is in the future. It’s not. Minnesota waterways have already been seriously damaged. Continue reading

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NEWS DAY | Gang Strike Force revelations / Nashwauk taconite / Top Secret America

A Gang Strike Force raid gone wrong included abuse of apartment residents, police theft of property – and no arrests. Randy Furst at the Star Tribune uncovered a 160-page Internal Affairs Department report documenting the abuses and saying that police action amounted to civil rights violations. (No arrests were made.) A father tried to explain to police who were “kicking and stomping” his son that the 20-year-old man was hearing-impaired and could not understand them – but police continued to kick the son as he lay on the floor. (No arrests were made.) His injuries were later treated and documented at a hospital. Police deny that guns were drawn or that they kicked the young man, but witnesses say they did. Continue reading

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