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My love/hate relationship with Metro Transit

I love being able to take the bus or train, but sometimes the failures drive me crazy. My stop — at Temple Court on Cretin Avenue — exemplifies my love/hate relationship. After years of walking three-quarters of a mile to the nearest stop, I love that the bus now stops within a couple of blocks of my house. But — the stop fails anyone who needs accessible transportation. There’s no sidewalk: you have to walk on grass in the summer and snow or ice in the winter. Anyone using a wheelchair is out of luck, summer or winter. And there’s no bus shelter or bench for waiting. Continue reading

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News Day: Gunned down by Mpls cop / Eight workers for every opening / Coleman concedes, sort of / more

Evidence: Fong Lee unarmed when shot by Mpls police “Contrary to what Minneapolis police have claimed, Fong Lee didn’t have a gun in his right hand when a patrolman chased him and then shot him eight times,” according to a nationally recognized video forensics expert who reviewed surveillance camera photos, reports David Haners in the PiPress. Testimony unfolding in the civil suit against the city and police officer over the teen’s death paints a picture quite different from that drawn by Mpls police after the incident. Continue reading

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