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Sex, Russians, and the Affordable Care Act


Sex. Russians. Sex and Donald Trump and the Russians.

Now that I have your attention, consider this: whatever Donald Trump did in a Russian hotel is far less damaging to the United States than what the Republican Congress is doing right now in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

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Russian bear or Washington weasel?

laufendes Wiesel

Wikipedia: “Wikipedia: In English-speaking areas, weasel can be a disparaging term, noun or verb, for someone regarded as sneaky, conniving or untrustworthy. Similarly, weasel words is a critical term for words or phrasing that are vague, misleading or equivocal.” [Image from Fotolia – https://us.fotolia.com/id/48296139#%5D

Vladimir Putin and cyberwarfare loom like threatening Russian bears, at least in media depiction and public imagination. While cyberwarfare is a threat, the newest weasel in Washington and his plans to install billionaire buddies in positions of power and dismantle hard-won social safety nets and public education pose an even bigger threat. Continue reading

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