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Fourth of July: Reflections on fireworks and choices


Fireworks go off randomly throughout the night. Facebook fills up with photos and with complaints from people whose dogs cower under the bed, whining. Once in a while, a mild reminder that not only dogs suffer from sudden, loud noises — veterans, too, may brace themselves for the 10 p.m. barrage or wake in terror at the 2 a.m. explosions.

Post traumatic stress: a reaction to trauma, to being shot at, to being hit by shrapnel, to witnessing a bombing, to seeing people killed in front of you. Continue reading

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April mourning in the Mediterranean —again

Syrian refugees public domain freedom house

A Syrian migrant holds a young girl in his arms upon arriving on a dinghy to the Greek island of Kos, Greece.(EPA/Yannis Kolesidis) (Photo courtesy of Freedom House.

One year ago, I wrote “At least seven hundred people, maybe 900 or more, were on the 70-foot ship that sank in the Mediterranean on Sunday. Almost all of them died.” Last week, it happened again. Another boat packed with refugees capsized and sank, drowning hundreds of refugees. Continue reading


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As borders close, refugee crisis in Europe escalates

refugees in Samos

Photo of refugees in Samos by JTStewart, published under Creative Commons license

This week, the already-terrible refugee crisis in Europe got worse, as Turkey and the E.U. reached an agreement that severely restricts refugee movement, and Balkan nations closed borders, leaving refugees stranded in makeshift camps. Continue reading

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Body on the beach: Europe’s refugee scandal

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.20.05 PM

UPDATED 9/3/2015: The Independent published a heart-wrenching photo of a dead child who washed ashore on a beach in Turkey. He is Syrian, one of more than 2,000 refugees who have died this year trying to escape to Europe. Continue reading

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