Colin Peterson, Dick Day, election updates

Despite a push from the Republican National Congressional Committee urging him to retire, Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson is still running for another term, reports Eric Black in MinnPost. Why the RNCC thought they would/could/should have any influence on the 10-term Democratic representative, who currently chairs the House Agriculture Committee, is a mystery to me. As Black notes in an earlier column on the same topic:

Peterson is a virtual lock for reelection. No Repub challenger has held Peterson under 65 percent of the vote since 1994!
The RNCC initiative, described in more detail in this Hotline piece, seems to be mostly a matter of putting out nasty press releases against the targets to give them the feeling that the Repubs will show them an unplesant experience if they run.

Dick Day, who is quitting his post in the MN legislature to lobby (officially) for the casino industry, was slapped down by fellow Republican Tim Pawlenty, who said yesterday that he opposes racinos. Day had previously said that Pawlenty promised to sign racino legislation. Day told the Star Tribune, “All I’ll tell you is Dick Day is not lying.

A special election for Day’s seat will be held on January 26, with a primary, if necessary, on January 12. Anyone interested in running must file between December 23 and 29.

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