Immigration News — A movie, a guide, and more

From documentary, Llévate mis amores

From documentary, Llévate mis amores

All of Me / Llévate mis amores, a documentary about Las Patronas, is showing at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival on Sunday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 15. Every day since 1995, a group of women stand at the tracks near the Mexican town of La Patrona waiting for La Bestia — the train used by thousands of migrants from Central America and Mexico to get to the U.S. border. The women toss water and homemade food to the weary travelers. You can see a trailer and get details here.

This is the April 8 issue of my more-or-less-monthly Immigration News. Click here to subscribe. 

Living in the United States: A guide for immigrant youth is a great resource, published by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in San Francisco. The 42-page guide is published as a downloadable pdf file.

And my most recent article in Al Jazeera:

U.S. Border Patrol is out of control: From 2010 to 2014 CBP agents  shot and killed 28 people. Other charges against CBP agents included drug trafficking, theft, assaults, kidnapping and rape. Investigative reports from multiple sources paint a picture of a law enforcement agency that is out of control. Even worse, most of its victims are people who cannot fight back — undocumented immigrants and refugees with limited or no access to U.S. courts. … more


Immigrant children and mothers:

Minnesota stories:

Licenses for all:

And some good news:

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