Be it resolved that – Stand up at your precinct caucus!

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Want to carry a resolution to your precinct caucus? Or a whole bunch of resolutions? Here’s a list, and some links to more. If you have resolutions to add, put them in the comments. Take one, take a dozen – put them on this form for the DFL (or REALLY get crazy and put them on this form, if you’re a Republican.)

Comprehensive immigration reform:

Whereas we are a nation of immigrants, and we should strongly believe in an immigration system that maintains healthy and vibrant communities, while promoting respect, dignity and permanent protections, and

Whereas there are almost 12 million undocumented immigrants in the US and close to 90 000 undocumented Minnesotans, that are being denied basic rights and protections, and

Whereas the number of deportations is at a record with individuals being deported daily tragically separating thousands of families, and

Whereas immigrant reform must create a process respecting human dignity and family unity, including protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) families, and
Whereas the process to be created must include opportunities to law offenders that do not represent threats to national security or have been convicted of serious crimes, and
Whereas the families vs felons narrative for immigration relief is divisive and incomplete given the relevant conversations on police accountability and racial profiling, and

Whereas groups as diverse coalition of public and private sectors, and a steadily growing number of religious organization in the State and across the nation that have joined in supporting the foundation of keeping families together and giving immigrant families in Minnesota and across the nation the dignity and respect that they deserve by creating a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants,
Congress should act to create a fair, humane pathway to citizenship for almost 12 million undocumented immigrants that is broad and inclusive and not continent upon border security measures of prospective immigrants; Comprehensive Immigration Reform is long overdue and we ask that the federal government and leadership to commit to the passage of meaningful reform.
And that the DFL Party supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a fair humane pathway to citizenship for almost 12 million undocumented immigrants.

Restoring the Right to Vote

WHEREAS, approximately 63,000 Minnesotans are denied the right to vote under Minnesota law due to a past felony conviction and 75% of those individuals are living in the community; and

WHEREAS, since 1974, the percentage of voting age Minnesotans disenfranchised as a result of a criminal conviction has increased over 400%; and

WHEREAS, as a result of disproportionate conviction rates, disenfranchisement overwhelmingly affects communities of color – African‐Americans make up roughly five percent of the Minnesota population and represent over a quarter of the total number of those disenfranchised and American Indians, less than two percent of the population, account for more than six percent of those individuals who are disenfranchised; and

WHEREAS, involvement in civic life logically results in stronger ties to the community, and research has shown that persons with past criminal convictions are less likely to be arrested again in states that restore voting rights after release from incarceration;

WHEREAS, a policy that permits all individuals who have served their time in jail or prison to vote reduces confusion among voters and election officials about who can vote, thereby easing election administration and reducing government costs; and

WHEREAS, thirteen states already disenfranchise only those persons who are currently incarcerated for a felony conviction, not those on probation or parole.


the _____________ Party supports restoring voting rights to Minnesotans convicted of a felony while they are on probation or parole.

Sources for more resolutions:

Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change – The People’s Platform (Restoring the Right to Vote resolution above, plus $15 minimum wage, education justice, environment, abolish grand jury for police shooting cases, reparations, sick and safe time, and stable work hours resolutions)

Navigate MN – We the (undocumented) People’s Platform (Comprehensive Immigration Reform resolution above, plus drivers licenses for all and immigration enforcement resolutions.)

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