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After the Supreme Court failure on immigration — keep on talking, keep on walking

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Noemi Romero from The Excluded website

Hours after today’s disastrous Supreme Court immigration decision, a website called The Excluded popped up in my Facebook feed. The Excluded faces and stories of longtime U.S. residents who live every day at risk of deportation.

“Noemi Romero, 24, has lived in Arizona practically her whole life. At the age of 21 while she was raided by Sheriff Arpaio’s deputies while working to save money to pay for her DACA application. She can no longer able to apply due to her felony for working.”

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Be it resolved that – Stand up at your precinct caucus!

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Want to carry a resolution to your precinct caucus? Or a whole bunch of resolutions? Here’s a list, and some links to more. If you have resolutions to add, put them in the comments. Take one, take a dozen – put them on this form for the DFL (or REALLY get crazy and put them on this form, if you’re a Republican.) Continue reading

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