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#Orlando — What can we say?

More love, less hate

After the hatred, after the massacre, what can we say? No words can make anything better. And yet we speak, because we are human, because we use words to connect with one another and to express our grief, our outrage, our solidarity. So — some words gleaned from my Facebook and morning news: Continue reading

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How to radicalize ‘impressionable young Muslims’ in America



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“Donald J. Trump,”
(speaking of himself in the third person)
“is calling for a total and complete shutdown
of Muslims entering the United States.”

This is how to radicalize “impressionable young Muslims.”

In Irving, Texas, people went to their mosque to worship
and were met with guns
gun-toting protesters
gun-toting anti-Muslim protesters
gun-toting holier-than-thou, more-American-than-thou protesters.

This is how to radicalize “impressionable young Muslims.” Continue reading

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