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Voting down-ballot in Minnesota


Minnesota Congressional districts from Wikipedia

Down-ballot races make a huge difference in post-election life, which is to say, in all of our lives, every day of every year. These are the people who make the laws (U.S. and state legislators), who preside over the justice system (district, appellate and supreme court judges), and who run the schools. Down-ballot voting this year also includes referendums on a Minnesota constitutional amendment and on a Minneapolis school tax levy. Continue reading

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Vote — to answer the attack on democracy



Every day, a new tweet, a new speech, a new lie Trump-ets failure, rigged elections, voter fraud.

These are lies. We know they are lies. Every study, every bit of evidence, says voter fraud is vanishingly small. Small like 31 likely voter fraud cases out of more than 1 billion votes cast from 2000 to 2014.  Politifact puts it in perspective: more people are struck by lightning than accused of voter fraud. Continue reading

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Backing away from voting rights

Image by Daniel Lobo, used under Creative Commons license.

Image by Daniel Lobo, used under Creative Commons license.

Just a few weeks ago, it looked like this was the year for voting rights for convicted felons in Minnesota. Both Republicans and Democrats backed bills allowing convicted felons to vote after they were released from prison, even if they were still on probation or parole. Now the voting rights bill looks dead. Continue reading


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