NOT writing about …

NOT writing about health care or COP15 today. No, I’m not. Not going to write about the minute-by-minute, breathless coverage of the cloture vote in the Senate, now dramatically scheduled for Christmas Eve on a watered-down bill that will give big new profits to insurance companies — or about the fact that this bill, once passed by the Senate, heads to conference committee for compromises with the House bill, so we really don’t know what will end up on the President’s desk. The nastiness of the final debate, rather than the substance of the bill, was the focus of much coverage. With one Republican Senator calling for prayer that a Democrat would get sick or die to prevent the final vote.

And NOT going to write about COP15, or how it fizzled to a close with an unenforceable sort-of-agreement that might or might not make any difference, after Denmark showed that its cops could compete in the worldwide bash-a-demonstrator competition. If you want to see what happened, go to The Uptake, and if you want to read about it, BBC sums it up.

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