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Pope-check: Where does Pope Francis really stand?

Is Pope Francis a breath of fresh air, throwing Vatican windows wide open to the world again, heralding a new day for the Catholic Church? Or is he a cafeteria progressive, choosing only certain social issues — environment, refugees, the poor — and maintaining a hard line on others —acceptance of LGBT people, role of women, anything to do with sexuality? Continue reading


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NEWS DAY | Arsenic in Minneapolis / I-94 closing / more

This is the weekend edition of News Day, unless something incredibly big or irresistibly crazy (think Emmer’s $100,000 waiter gaffe) surfaces before Monday. I’ll be working on my garden, and on some articles about the status of women and girls in Minnesota – watch for them next week. So – keep reading for the latest on arsenic dumping in Minneapolis, one more way rich people are different from the rest of us, anti-immigrant graffiti in St. Cloud, the Oakland police non-murder verdict, and more. Continue reading


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