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News Day: TX: “Take this country and shove it” / Cadotte is back / Carstarphen critics / No handshakes in church / Who’s buying now? / more

Take this country and shove it The San Antonio Current cheerfully reports on the latest political posturing out of Texas, including talk of secession, from current Gov. Rick Perry to Larry Kilgore, a Republican candidate for governor in 2010:

Kilgore argues that the military challenge can be easily sorted out. “After the people of Texas have the opportunity to vote for independence, and our congressmen go up there and work with Washington, we will have to negotiate who gets what ships, who gets what aircraft, who gets what bases, who gets what personnel,” he says. “For example, the United States is not going to want folks in their military who are diehard Texans. Texans aren’t going to want folks in their military who are diehard United States people.”

He has a point. We all know those “United States people” have shifty eyes and can’t be trusted.

Then there’s the proposal to split Texas into five states, each of which with its own two U.S. senators, which would immediately erase the Democratic majority in Congress. The San Antonio Current explains:
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News Day: Swine flu / MN taxes / Naked hikers / more

Swine flu: Emergency? Epidemic? Pandemic? A new kind of flu — H1N1 –has fearmongers topping the headlines everywhere else, so we may as well follow suit. For actual information, check the CDC, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the University of Minnesota Center for Infections Disease Research and Policy. As the story progresses, these will be good links to keep on hand. And now for the facts: A new strain of flu, caused by a virus with genetic components from pigs, birds and humans, emerged in Mexico. This virus is different from previous swine flu because it can spread from human to human.

No one knows how many people in Mexico have the virus, but Mexico has reported more than a hundred deaths from this flu and hundreds of other people who are sick. The government has closed schools and daycare centers in Mexico City to try to stop the spread of the flu. Far smaller numbers of cases have been reported in at least five U.S. states (CA, TX, KS, NY, OH) and in Canada and Spain. (No cases in MN yet.)

Most people who get swine flu get better. That’s one reason that the extent of the outbreak is hard to track. Tracking the begins with a throat culture, and most people who have flu do not visit a doctor.
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